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For Air Conditioner repair in Boscobel WI, visit us on Google! For Electrical repair info in Fennimore WI, visit our YouTube page. For information on AC installation near Lancaster Wi, email H & N Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical, Inc.. Read what your neighbors say about our Plumbing repair service near Fennimore WI on Yelp!
We provide emergency AC repair service in Lancaster Wi.
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"Your technician did a great job, he explained everything about his repairs. We felt his outstanding courtesy and thoroughnesss was 95% of our satisfaction with today's call and we guarantee that H & N has us as a customer way, way down the line."
—M. H., Fennimore, WI

"Your technician was polite and respectful and answered our questions above and beyond what was expected."
—R. B., Boscobel, WI

"I was very impressed with your plumber's work and will tell all my friends to call H & N and ask to have him be their plumber.  He was very professional and answered all of my questions."
—C. F., Lancaster, WI
"Your technician was very professional, answered all my questions and gave me helpful maintenance tips. I am very happy with today's service."
—T. T., Mt. Hope, WI
"You guys are the best! The young man did an excellent job, you can send him again anytime, thanks!"
—R. H., Lancaster, WI

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For Air Conditioner repair in Fennimore WI, visit us on Google!
Read what your neighbors say about the Air Conditioner repair or installation we performed near Boscobel WI on Yelp!
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